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Temporary Residence

Visit Canada

Some nationals are exempt from applying for visitor visas to enter Canada, while others from specific countries are required to obtain Canadian visitor visas. We offer assistance whether you’re seeking a “Canada tourist visa,” a Super Visa, applying for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), or require legal representation due to one or more visa refusals.

Study In Canada

Opting to pursue studies in Canada represents a gratifying choice, offering access to a top-tier education, a richly diverse learning environment, and a network of lifelong friends and professional connections. For numerous immigrants, embarking on a Canadian educational journey marks the initial stride toward Canadian citizenship. Graduates from Canadian educational institutions become eligible for post-graduate work permits, enabling them to potentially remain in Canada post-graduation. This opportunity facilitates the acquisition of valuable Canadian work experience, which could serve as a cornerstone for any subsequent Permanent Residence application.

Work In Canada

Typically, foreign nationals intending to work in Canada must secure a work permit beforehand. These permits can be categorized as either “open” or “closed” based on the type of Canadian work permit granted. Additionally, certain individuals may need to apply for an entry visa before arriving in Canada. For further details regarding entry visas, please refer to the Visit Canada website.

To obtain a work permit in Canada, it’s generally required to have a confirmed job offer from an employer authorized to hire foreign workers. Moreover, if you’re accompanying a spouse or common-law partner to Canada, you might qualify for a spousal work

Out of status

What does it signify to be out-of-status in Canada? Being out-of-status in Canada denotes that your previously held legal immigration status has elapsed or expired. This situation might pertain to individuals whose employment or study permits have expired, or to those with temporary residency who neglected to apply for a renewal.