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Out of Status

Temporary Resident

Out of status

Having status means that a person is legally allowed to enter and stay in Canada. If that person is not a permanent resident of Canada, then they have temporary resident status, and it can be a visitor status, student status or worker status. These temporary residents will be given immigration documents stating the validity period of their status in Canada.

If they have not applied to extend their stay before the expiry date of their immigration documents, or they received negative results for their extension applications, they will become foreign nationals without status in Canada. Staying beyond the date when status ends is an offense under Canadian immigration law. If a person is out of status in Canada, they are expected to leave the country.

If they want to remain in Canada, they will be given a chance to apply for a restoration of their legal status, and they must do so within 90 days after the expiry date of their immigration documents.

If you are without any legal status beyond the 90 day restoration period, call us we can get you permanent resident status. 

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